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    Villarrica Volcano by Will Schlitzer (2011).

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    We are a group of undergraduates from Colgate University. This website serves as the culmination of a seminar and extended study to the volcanoes of the Southern Volcanic Zone in south-central Chile and Argentina. It is intended as a guide for educational, volcanology-based excursions to Llaima, Copahue, Lonquimay, Lanín, Quetrupillán, and Villarrica. It provides background information, ideas for activities in the field, maps, media and recommendations for local guides, travel agents and tourism. The activities and information included are intended for undergraduate geology students with at least a rudimentary understanding of volcanoes and tectonic processes, although they could certainly be altered to accommodate different levels of understanding.

    The information we compiled and the activities we devised or adapted from other sources are organized by volcano on the pages to the right. Regional information is located under "Area of Study" on the left-hand side of this page. We also included a list of recommended gear based on our own experiences of three weeks in the field.

    To direct questions to us please see the "Contact Us" page.


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    Use the search bar in the upper right-hand corner to find content specific to a given volcano (e.g. search "Lanín") or area of interest (e.g. search "Hazards").

    Sites and information are also organized by tags and each page is tagged with both the relevant volcano name and area of interest. Clicking on the search bar reveals recent tags as well as an option to view all tags. Tags can also be found in the upper left-hand corner of each site, below the "Home" button. Clicking on a tag lists all the other pages that share that tag. Clicking "all tags" from the search bar allows you to browse tags and select one of interest.

    Information on each volcano and corresponding field sites and activities can be found under their respective names to the right.

    Downloadable PDFs are located under "Field Guide" to the left.

    For Further Information:

    Whole Project: Karen Harpp (kharpp@colgate.edu)

    Llaima Volcano:
    Rita Van Kirk (rvankirk@students.colgate.edu), Clem Dunne (cdunne@students.colgate.edu), Matt Shramko (mshramko@students.colgate.edu), Zach Shutran (zshutran@students.colgate.edu)

    Copahue Volcano:
    Alex Crawford (acrawford@students.colgate.edu), Brandon Bray (bbray@students.colgate.edu), Lauren Frisch (lfrisch@students.colgate.edu), or Bo Montanye (bmontanye@students.colgate.edu)

    Lonquimay Volcano:
    Will Cushman (wcushman@students.colgate.edu), Will Schlitzer (wschlitzer@students.colgate.edu), Ali MacNamee (amacnamee@students.colgate.edu), Dan Gleason (dgleason@students.colgate.edu)

    Lanin and Quetrupillan Volcanoes:
    Susie Boote (sboote@students.colgate.edu), Sam Freccia (sfreccia@students.colgate.edu), Julie Wallan (jwallan@students.colgate.edu), Cait Mello (cmello@students.colgate.edu)

    Villarrica Volcano:
    Nick Pollock (npollock@students.colgate.edu), Vic Krivitski (vkrivitski@students.colgate.edu), Phil Clayton (pclayton@students.colgate.edu), Kristen Meisner (kmeisner@students.colgate.edu)

    Travel Agent Information:

    Jonathan Hall



    Ecuador Journeys International
    Luis Cordero 1204 y Juan L. Mera
    Ed. Valdivia P9 #906 Quito.
    Telf. 593-99-800-438
    Telefax (593-2)254-9684

    Lanín Volcano by Bo Montanye (2011)